Are we really living in a simulation?

Hello everyone!

This article is existential. Just a small alert before you dive deep into the thoughts that arise by the complex interactions of electrical and chemical signals inside the soft 1400 gram organ that is my brain.

The title of the article is what if we are living in an simulation, and this is something that I’ve been thinking of for around a week now. let’s go.

You are a person who is born who lives your life and one day inevitably will die, 98 billion human beings have been through the same cycle. you are not the first one. Taking a right turn, I want you to understand something about Minecraft, a very popular game. what happens here is you are a normal player who has spawned into a world where you can basically do anything, the world of Minecraft has all the similar things compared to our world, like sand beaches the sun, The Stars perhaps not zombies and skeletons, but apart from that it is pretty realistic. Usually, the game lets you die as many times as you want to and you will be back to life every time, but there is a special challenge mode you can say which is called hardcore or Minecraft, in here you can do all the things that you do in the regular world but once you die, you can never Re-enter your world, everything that you’ve created is going to stay like that but you will never get a chance to interact with that, you will never get to see your creations again. you will never get to visit the beach again or feed your dog food.

Now I want to compare this imaginary world with a real-world, real world if not Minecraft hardcore. We are born, we interact with the world, we break and make things and one day suddenly we will die. you don’t know when the day is going to come, you have no idea what to expect. All you know is that you have to utilize the chance of interacting with the world.

Now it’s time to take a step deeper into the same discussion, What if once you die on this planet, you are actually wake up into the original more advanced Civilization that you are actually a part of, perhaps on some different planet called as arc, maybe you are just a living being born into you a very hire civilization, technological advanced civilization, where every work was done by robots and artificial intelligence, where all the energy of your planet came from the star that it was orbiting, where food was just I think we do for fun, and our original energy source was sunlight, where the world was so easy for us to navigate, people got bored of it. Maybe some people from the same civilization created a beautiful game.

They call it the game of Earth & Beyond. In here once a player wants to have this experience, which is for free. Here what happens is that before entering into the game you have to drink a certain portion which will make your mind forget about everything related to the planet arc in fact it will make you forget everything about everything. Like formatting hard drives but keeping the operating system. this eraser of data will be temporary. once you quit the game you will automatically get all of your Memories Back, you will also carry the memory of what you did during the gameplay. So the game goes something like this, after drinking the potion from the vial, you float away into a protected bubble, in a gravity less space, and you wait for the game to begin, you slowly see all of your memories feeling down, the most complex ones are the first one to go away, gradually once it comes down only to your operating system, that is your consciousness, you don’t understand anything, you are just crying.

At that very instant you see a bright light, upon opening your eyes, you see a lot of Shadows around, and you see a lot of shapes around. you don’t understand the language but, somebody says congratulations it’s a boy, two giant hands grasp you and hug you. you are too naïve to understand anything. Welcome to earth, you have just been born. here you start off with a clean slate, in a world where problems are more and Solutions are less, a place where you can actually contribute to the world and do something of your existence, on the planet Arc everything was already done there was nothing for you to do so you are merely existing but on earth, you can be anything you want to be. you are born to certain parents, you are born to a certain country and to a certain race. you did not use this it was automatic, now all your life you will roam around on earth interacting with things, trying your best to actually make a difference.

Once your life ends…. you will see that bright flash of light again, all your memories of planet arc and your life on it will start to come back, slowly and slowly all the things that you did on earth you will start to see right in front of your eyes, from your first footsteps to the comfort of your mother’s arms, to the first time you fell and broken bone, for the first time you fell in love. as all of these memories are coming back to you, you also remember that this was just a game, and nothing you here on earth was actually real, it was just programming. and a Civilization such as the ark civilization has infinite energy source to build such a game. you will realize all your life you spend on finding meaning, maybe you did. word meaning all long was to exist and contribute, experiment and try out new things, to live and to die. a complete minute has passed on the planet arc, whereas a complete life has passed on earth, as everything you were going through was inside your consciousness which is a lot faster than real life the game was over in 1 minute, but you will live with the memory of it forever.

Maybe we’ll play the game again, this time born and to some other country, other race, other people, maybe even other species, and you will repeat the same cycle again.

There is no evidence that can prove that this theory is wrong, there is no evidence that can tell that Arc does not exist, and now that I have spoken about it, maybe the potion does not work on me.

I apologize if I gave you a mini stress, but I hope your experience was amazing!

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